chill out

No wonder there isn’t much room in the fridge when I’m trying to fit in a bowl full of macerating fruit: there’s already 14 jars of jam in various stages of eating in there, plus the pickle collection. Hmmm! Ah, well, the pumpkin marmalade should make a nice batch of River Cottage style truffles which I can probably trade for honey, or apples from the Monk’s House if I use white chocolate. It’s lovely knowing the tastes of your friends/neighbours/taste testing victims! Extra lemon zest here. A non-lime fan there. White chocolate fans here and there. But a batch of truffles will only use about half of one jar. Well, the Rhubarb & Pear will be lovely dolloped on yoghurt and muselie for tomorrow’s breakfast and I don’t really have to save the last of Tigress’ Plum Noir now that plums are coming into season again… that I’m quite happy to eat straight from the jar although I wouldn’t say no to some Brie should the fridge fairies produce some.

Anyway, no more testing new recipes until the old jams have come out of the chill.