vanilla rose

The first marmalade I ever made was Desert Candy’s Pink Grapefruit Marmalade. Not only is it divine, truly worth a moment of reverent silence on first tasting, it’s easy and quick and a treat for the eyes, all speckled with vanilla seeds. It’s also become my template. Not sure what to do with this bowl of fruit-becoming jam? Add vanilla bean and rosewater. It works for raspberry jam, cumquat marmalade, pear jam… strawberry and rhubarb… there’s always some new combination to experiment with.

But I keep coming back to this gorgeous creation.

Then I go talk to my pink grapefruit tree: grow please, have some seaweed and compost, let me drape this mesh tent over you to protect you from the possums and how about I polish your leaves, there’s that’s better…

Maybe one day I’ll be able to pick grapefruit to make this marmalade. Until that happy day I’ll continue trading flowers for grapefruits at the Greengrocer and make myself a batch.


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