chill out

Still exploring the apple theme for the hilbarn cocktail jams … this month, take a big box of mixed apples, a bag of bright Amigo Jalepeno chillies, some apple cider vinegar, the best water, a lot of sugar and even more patience to make many jars of Chilli Jelly.
Can patience be an ingredient?
Oh yes.
‘Do not squeeze the jelly bag’ should be painted on my kitchen wall as it’s hard to resist when the apple stock must be left to drain for about 8 hours to release as much pectin rich juice as possible. Squeezing would definitely speed up the process but at the cost of a cloudy jelly. Oh no! So I have to walk away to resist the temptation. While away (sipping tea on the veranda, tapping away at the keyboard, reading another Elizabeth Peters, plotting what to do with a box of bananas, talking to the dog) I’m also thinking happy thoughts about those plump red chillies. They could quite easily have been small, bright, orange habeneros!