Lime Marmalade

Do I really owe the pesky possums a debt of gratitude? Looking at 8 jars of Lime Marmalade lined up on the kitchen’s granite countertop, I think I must. I really did not expect a good set across 8 jars; 7 yes, 6 absolutely, but there was wrinkling on the back of the spoon and in the pan so I switched off the light and left the 8 to rest overnight.

This morning: perfect set.

Has to be because I picked the limes while they were still quite hard in order to save them from the furry marauders who ninja-d through the wire cage enclosing the two Tahitian limes and a lemon tree. The fruits have yellowed a bit while I waited for the pallet of jars to arrive from Portugal (and that’s another post) but they’re still firm and the pectin must be high. So guess what I’m making today?

Yes, 3 or 4 more batches of Lime Marmalade … not treats for possums, though. I’m not quite that grateful.