serving suggestions


On porridge.


Double (or Triple) Lemon Marmalade: a dollop on warmed lemon and yoghurt cake, with a splash of limoncello on the cake and a little more in a glass.

Any of the marmalades: with Greek yoghurt on muesli. Or on pancakes (especially almond meal pancakes). Or on ice cream… mmm ice cream. Makes ordinary ice cream excellent, turns good ice cream into a dream.

Blue Rajah: in shepherd’s pie, replacing tomato chutney.


testing peach jam




photo 1photo 3Scones… (c/ Kate and Alisa)



Serenity_028Any of the chutneys will work beautifully with excellent ham and sharp sharp cheese on lovely bread…Matilda & William's Settlers Rye w bacon and eggs scrambled w Aschdale green cap_003
or perhaps with scrambled eggs and bacon?



CB8fxMgUEAAL8gsUse LOLA or one of the other flirty types with vanilla buttercream, to sandwich macarons (c/ Terri)


How about bread and butter pudding? (c/ Katharine)


Or swirl one of the sweeties through a cake…

Straight out of the jar seems quite reasonable too.


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